About Jim

Jim Hunt was born in Montreal. This young Libra discovered his strong sixth sense at a very young age. Jim fortunately had guidance from his mother who was also a strong psychic.

After moving to Toronto, Ontario in his early 20s, Jim went on to pursue a corporate career for more than two decades before becoming a Life Coach. Jim discovered his true passion was sharing his natural psychic ability with people to assist with understanding their personal path. After completing a Life Skills Coach Training Program, Jim combined his strong intuition and training to develop a unique approach for his clients. Jim works with a diverse customer base ranging from students, executives and professional TV personalities throughout North America and Internationally. Client confidentiality is very important to Jim.

Jim has recently completed his first and second season of the reality TV show, Knock Knock Ghost (#KKG).  This show is just not “another ghost hunting show”. Look for the show now available on Amazon in the U.S. Canada & the UK!

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UK: Amazon UK Link

USA: Amazon US Link

Be sure to have a hand to hold onto when you watch Knock Knock Ghost!

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Abilities: Personal Insight & Perspective, Life & Career Coaching, Executive Life Coaching,Physical Mediumship, Dream Interpretation, Home & Property Cleansing (Smudging)