Q: Do you record sessions for your clients? A: Sessions are not recorded. You are welcome to bring a recorder &/or take notes. Most of the time clients will remember what was said as everything is relevant to them.
Q: Should I prepare questions before meeting with Jim? A: It is not a requirement to arrive with questions, but you are welcome to. Jim normally sees what is on your mind and will work with you to address what is most important during your 30 or 50 minute session. Most of the time clients have more topics they would like to address that require additional sessions with Jim. Often questions turn into a larger topic and can take some time to discuss in depth. Clients are invited to clarify anything Jim says or ask important questions so that they are satisfied with their session.
Q: Will Jim answer absolutely any question I would like to ask? A: Jim will answer as many questions that you have, no matter what the question as long as it is appropriate.
Q: Can I bring my friend/partner into my session with Jim? A: Yes, if you are comfortable with them knowing more about you in great detail. Sessions are more effective when they are done individually simply because Jim is able to speak freely without worrying if he is saying too much. There are times when another person can interfere with a session due to discomfort discussing a topic in great depth, defensiveness, discomfort with Jim’s abilities, etc.
Although individual sessions are recommended there are always exceptions, so please ask Jim as you are booking your appointment.