“I met Jim a couple of Septembers ago, through a referral by a friend. I was not quite sure of what to expect, but there was 'something' telling me that didn't matter. I simply needed to go and meet this man. I am very glad I listened to that 'something'.”
“Over the last couple of years, Jim has helped me face my own reality at my own pace. He has gently, yet firmly offered insights into my life that I was too distracted to realize at the time. Through positive reinforcement, and genuine concern and interest, he has helped me come to grips with myself, and the wonderful things that are going on around me. Things that I refused to noticed as I wallowed and fumbled through a life I did not fully grasp.”
“Though the process of understanding is ongoing, I know now, that I can do 'this'. Whatever 'this' is, I know I can do it, and that is thanks in large part to Jim, for just being Jim.”
“We're all special people, who have great gifts. Jim is someone who is gifted in the ability to make people realize that about themselves, and encourages us to actively participate in our own lives, and for that, I am truly greatful.”
“If you're considering seeing Jim, I strongly encourage you to do so. His humanity, honesty and insight, are well worth the trip.”
“Amazing! Jim is able to provide advice and lots of support..after the meeting i feel more confident and one step closer to my dream.”
“I've known Jim the past few years and his guidance around love, career, family, and life in general has been valuable. He has been supportive every step of the way. Not only do I value his advice, but his friendship. Looking forward to our next visit!”
“The first time I went to see Jim was with a couple of friends for what I thought was a bit of entertainment. I was skeptical to say the least. The minute I met him I knew my skepticism would be destroyed… I felt an instant connection.”
“I had a session with Jim today and I feel like my eyes have been opened - and like my head is about to explode with ideas and stuff to get done!”
“It was a pleasure and I look forward to seeing Jim again in the future.”
“Jim Hunt has offered insights that proved to be transformative in my life. He is consistently empathic, warm, non-judgmental, insightful, open-minded, all the qualities necessary in a counsellor when you are going through major life changes or difficult situations and need to talk with someone. His intuitive ability is a truly remarkable gift. Without question, Jim is sincere in his desire to help people, and he is more than capable of offering practical advice and a balanced perspective. It is reassuring to know that I can always count on his wisdom.”

“When I first met Jim I was nervous and scared, I had never talked to a “psychic” before. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable he made me feel, and how easy it was to share with him. I was truly amazed at how easily he could provide a new sense of perspective on issues that had been plaguing me for years. After our first visit I continued to meet with Jim a few times a year, and it has now been almost 5 years since our first session. Over the course of our meetings our relationship has transitioned, and I now consider him a life coach and a friend, rather than a “psychic.” I myself suffer from anxiety and confidence issues and Jim has given me the extra support I need to make it through hard times and really be the best I can be. Although I have a great support team of family and friends, they do not have the ability to truly understand the type of person I am the way that Jim does. When talking to Jim I feel like he already knows my past and my future and truly understands the way that I function, thus he does not give me the “best” advice, rather he gives me the advice that is best suited and most appropriate for me. I sincerely appreciate everything Jim has done for me over the last 5 years, because I have grown so much as a person since I have met him. I am scared to think about the opportunities I could have missed out on had I not had his guidance to motivate me as well as see me through some tough times. Without a doubt Jim has changed my life, imagine what he could do for you (I dare you). [:)]”
“Jim not only helped me find closure but also helped me unfold and understand myself. He also helped some of my family members as well. Jim is definitely someone everyone should experience.”
“I was apprehensive about going to see Jim but the moment I walked in the door, Jim's energy, his smile and kindness totally took me away from all negative thoughts I had about going! By the end of our 30 minute session, I was truely uplifted, an experience beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am ever so glad I went and I look forward to seeing again in the future. Thank You Jim!”
Well I just had my session with Jim. It was exactly what I needed!! He pretty much pegged me the moment we met. I have been tossing a few things around in my head for the past little bit. It was like he got into my head and put it all out for me. It was amazing !! He gave me some fantastic advice that I shall heed. My only wish is that I wish we had more time. I feel like we just scratched the surface. If he did that with just the first bit, can't wait to book another session !!! Thank you Jim you were honest kind and blunt and I do appreciate that and you very much:) till we meet again my friend 🙂 I am on cloud 9 !! Thank you thank you thank you

My wife and I were referred to Jim a year ago. Jim is very approachable and is a great listener. Even if you were skeptical, that idea alone will not last long once you begin chatting with Jim. Our session a year ago changed the direction of our lives in a very positive way. Jim was able to "see" what would help us in the future and has given us ideas to develop for our own benefit. He can see what was bothering us and helped guide us. Aside from family and career aspirations, Jim also took a huge weight off of my shoulder. I lost my father when I was 12 years old, suddenly. The burden of his death and not knowing how he was doing has been very difficult for me and my family. Jim helped lift that weight off of my shoulders. I cannot find any other words to explain this, but I am forever grateful.
My wife and I just saw Jim (July 2016) for another visit and it was great. Thank you so much for sharing your gift, Jim. We are looking forward in seeing you again (as you probably know already!) and wish you the very best in the coming months!